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Support Programs

Pastoral care and student enhancement

Pastoral Care at St Aidan’s Primary School is the responsibility of all staff, and is based on our school motto, ‘Together We Are One’. St Aidan’s is a welcoming Catholic community. The school has a history of inclusive education, welcoming individuals and groups of children who are marginalised. The policy promotes a climate of respect and justice for all, by nurturing the self-worth and dignity of each individual. St Aidan’s is committed to and responsible for living out the Gospel values of justice, respect, dignity, and tolerance within the network of relationships which make up the school community.

The school/parish partnership contributes to the total care of students, families and staff.

Student Management is one aspect of the total care of every person in our school and is based on our belief in Gospel values and our understanding that all human behaviour is purposeful, as we attempt to satisfy one or more of our needs.

Our policy is also based on the principles of procedural fairness. Procedural fairness refers to what is sometimes described as the ‘hearing rule’ and the ‘right to an unbiased decision’.

The hearing rule includes the rights of the person against whom an allegation is made to:

  • know the allegation related to a specific matter and any other information which will be taken into account by considering the matter
  • know the process by which the matter will be considered
  • respond to the allegations
  • know how to seek a review of the decision made in response to the allegations.
(Registration Systems and Member Non-Government Schools (NSW) Manual, December 2006, p.51)

These practices and procedures contribute to creating an environment where each person feels valued and respected, and develops a sense of self-worth and achievement. These include positive strategies to ensure that all forms of discrimination, harassment, bullying, or racism are considered to be unacceptable in our school, because such attitudes do not support our belief in the dignity of each person.

Values education

Values education is an important part of our school approach to pastoral care. It is detailed in our Values Education/Social Skills program.

Child protection

Child protection procedures and practices are followed in accordance with Catholic Education Office policies and give clear directions on the roles and responsibilities of staff, volunteers and visitors to the school.

Corporal punishment is not part of the school’s discipline policy and is not to be used under any circumstances. Likewise, staff will never encourage parents to administer corporal punishment to children.

Special programs to cater for specific individual needs

Special education support programs for children with specific learning difficulties.

Kindergarten orientation/transition

Sessions designed to inform families and identify children who may require specific assistance in settling into their first year at school.

ESL/literacy support

Specialist assistance for children whose first language is not English.


Provided by CEO Student Services for children referred to the Principal for counselling, by families or teachers.

New arrivals program

Limited language support for children who have been resident in Australia for less than 12 months and who are from a non-English speaking background.

Year 6 transition to high school

Program to assist Year 6 children as they transfer from Primary to Secondary school.

Kindergarten/Year 6 buddies

A special arrangement where each Year 6 child is ‘buddied’ with a new Kindergarten student to offer support as they settle into school.


Contact Us

You can contact St Aidan’s Primary, Rooty Hill, by email or phone on (02) 8886 9800 between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

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Contact Us

  • You can contact St Aidan’s Primary, Rooty Hill, by email or phone on (02) 8886 9800 between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

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