The school information booklet covers all the information, procedures and policies you and your child will need.

If you have any further questions in relation to school times, dates, policies or other general enquiries please feel free to contact St Aidan’s Primary by phone on (02) 8886 9800 weekdays between 8:15 am and 3:30 pm.

Welcome & Introductions

Welcome to St Aidan's Catholic Primary School at Rooty Hill.

On behalf of everyone at St Aidan’s, I extend to you a warm welcome to our community! I hope that this handbook will be of assistance to you, the parents of our children.

Our school is the parish school of St Aidan’s Parish in Rooty Hill. We recognise each child as being unique and formed in the image of God. We are a school community which fosters a friendly, trusting collaboration between school, parish and parents for the ongoing development and benefit of each child.

Our school provides a wonderful learning environment based on diverse learning activities, initiated and facilitated by a team of caring and dedicated education professionals, and supported by parental involvement.

I invite you to continue your fundamental role as first educator of your children. The staff aim to work in partnership with you and encourage you to be an active participant in the school activities.

I pray that God will bless our time together at St Aidan’s. I pray also that it will be a time full of happiness, caring and support for each other as we focus upon the learning and development of your child, in a truly Catholic atmosphere of love and concern for each individual.

We aim to provide a quality education for the 21st Century. New approaches and skills are emerging for lifelong learning and we will ensure that the best possible emphasis is given to improving each child’s learning, so that they are successful learners ready to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

I wish you and your family a very happy and rewarding association with our St Aidan’s community of learners.

Best wishes for the year ahead.

Marian Bell

St Aidan's was opened in January 1907.

The school consisted of an old shed and was run by the Sisters of St Joseph who used to travel from St Mary's on foot until a horse and sulky were purchased. The school was taken over by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in 1969. The first lay Principal was appointed in 1990.

The name St Aidan was chosen by a group of men and women who were associated with its beginning. They were mostly of Irish descent, so they chose an Irish Saint, St Aidan of Lindisfarne.

Since then St Aidan's has grown into a two-stream school with an enrolment of just over 400 and including thirty nationalities.

Our crest and motto express who we are and what our highest ideals and aspirations are. We believe they communicate simply and clearly, yet deeply, our identity, beliefs and hopes for the future of our school.

Our original cross displays several themes. Its separate pieces in varying sizes and shapes, signify how St Aidan's is made up of individuals and groups of different kinds. God has created each one of us as unique individuals. His plan is for us all to be different, yet united in His Son, Jesus Christ. The saving love of our Lord, which he expressed on the cross, makes us one. Our motto 'Together We Are One' sums up this truth - the Christian community of St Aidan's school is a place where we seek unity through love.


Preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation is conducted through a parish-based program.

Refer to the local Parish Bulletin/website for details, or contact the Parish Office.


Vision Statement
Our vision is for St Aidan's to be a vibrant Catholic learning community working together as one.

Mission Statement
St Aidan's Primary School is a welcoming Catholic community.

We value the unique partnership that exists between family, school and parish.

Working 'together as one' and with the child as our focus, we provide opportunities for individual growth and strive to develop the potential of each, through the provision of a variety of learning and teaching strategies.

We are committed to:

  • promoting and celebrating our Catholic identity
  • fostering the Gospel values of justice, respect, dignity, and tolerance
  • developing a climate in which individuals are valued and respected
  • providing an environment where each child has a sense of self-worth and achievement
  • fostering a partnership between school, home, parish, and the wider community
  • creating a challenging and supportive learning environment that develops confident, independent, lifelong learners, and
  • providing opportunities for students to develop spiritually, physically, emotionally, and academically.

Our motto, 'Together We Are One', sums up this truth - that the Christian community of St Aidan's School is a place where we seek unity through love.


Principal Marian Bell
Assistant Principal Christine Leahy
Religious Education Coordinator Miray Khoury
Coordinators Prue Lance
Kelly Upton
Sports Coordinator Alana Harris
Secretaries Blaga Wakeling (Clerical Administrator)
Carol Newell
Tricia Zammit
Phone 8886 9800
Fax 8886 9899
Email staidans@parra.catholic.edu.au
Website staidansrootyhill.catholic.edu.au
Parish Priest Father Alan Layt
Mass Times Saturday 6:00 pm
Sunday 7:30 am, 9:00am and 10:30 am


General Information

Supervision 8:15 am
Morning Bell 8:40 am
Recess 10:45 – 11:15 am
Lunch 1:15 – 1:55 pm
Dismissal 2:55 pm

The school will be responsible for the care and safety of children between the hours of 8:15 am and 3:25 pm. Supervision is not available outside of these hours.

No child is permitted to leave the school grounds during the day unless a written request from parents is received.


In the event of a serious accident at school, the following procedures will be taken:

  • The school will ring parents.

  • If the parents are unavailable, the school will contact:
    • emergency contact
    • family doctor
    • nearest doctor
  • If necessary, the child will be taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital

  • The school will, in all cases, take the necessary steps to ensure the wellbeing of your child.


In January 2015 the NSW Government introduced new requirements for families taking extended holidays during school term.

Parents must apply to the school for extended leave and complete an exemption form when the leave is between ten (10) to a hundred (100) days. Forms are then to be returned to the school for approval by the Principal.

The granting of extended leave is at the discretion of the Principal.

A note is to be sent to the Principal for leave less than ten (10) days.

Family holidays should be organised during school term time. When children are taken out of school, their learning is severely disrupted.


We love to celebrate birthdays but please send only cupcakes or donuts, enough for each child in the class.

Birthday cakes that require cutting should not be sent, nor should lolly bags. No peanuts/peanut products please.


Bus passes may be ordered through the school office by completing a bus application form.

These are available to all children from Kindergarten to Year 2. Year 3 to Year 6 children are entitled to free travel if they live more than 1.6 kilometres from the school.


If there any concerns or issues, please contact your child’s teacher first then the Leader of Learning of the module. The Assistant Principal and Principal can be contacted if needed after following the appropriate steps. Effective communication is essential to